What we take about when we talk about…


My life’s work.

A piece of work…a work of art…the work of the devil…a staggering work of heartbreaking genius.

We can work it out. Work it in. Work it up. Just work it.

I could go on (but that would be a lot of…) Besides, a good dictionary or Roget’s Thesaurus would be more exhaustive. Instead, I am just trying to ease into the fact that, sooner or later (preferably sooner), I must once again return to that venerable institution known as…


Don’t get me wrong; I actually like to work. And not just the paycheck and benefits (though I DO like those…). I also enjoy strategizing, collaborating, communicating, participating in turning a shared vision into reality. I enjoy problem solving, finding win-win mutually beneficial solutions, developing myself and others, recognizing contributions and being recognized. I like brainstorming at the white board, going back to the drawing board, and presenting in a board room. It is fun and fulfilling.

But, to be totally honest, I have really enjoyed not-working, too. Not that I am ever really not-working. But there is work that is “gainful employment,” and there is work that is not-necessarily-gainful. Like reading and re-reading good books. And writing good books. And writing good songs. And playing guitar…and harmonica…and mandolin. And playing chess — International, Chinese (xiang qi), and Japanese (shogi). And drawing – digitally and with good old charcoal on vellum. And, uh, Netflix….

And, as you can see, I love rambling — be mentally meandering or aimlessly ambulating.

I know what you’re thinking: What’s your point?

I guess I am just waxing poetic (wax on, wax off) at the end of a long, luxurious length of leisurely languor, during which I have been able to finish another novel, play electric guitar, and all the myriads of other stuff I mentioned.

But, strangely, I am somehow ready to go back to work-work. The kind where you have to show up (or at least log in) at a semi-regular time everyday. The kind where you have deadlines to meet and people to whom you are accountable — managers, colleagues, direct reports. The kind where you spend most days doing things with other people at the request of other people to benefit other people.

And, yes, the kind with pay and benefits. Those are kind of cool, too.

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