Welcome to the new site

Obviously, this is just me getting started. Where the old site went is a long story. Well, not that long. The special rate period ran out and the hosting folks wanted to roast my chestnuts on an open fire (upping the fees like a cyber version of Pharma Bro), so I said, “I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

So here I am.

To be totally transparent, I didn’t really plan on launching a new site tonight, but one click led to another, and when I couldn’t figure out how to save the new site without publishing it, I said, “@#$%^ it!” and sent it careening into cyberspace.

So that’s how we happened to bump into each other. Sorry for the bare bones beginning, but rest assured, I will clutter up the place with words and images before you know it.

‘Til then, feel free to check out any of the links to the right — and, of course, do not hesitate to buy and read my western novel, A Midsummer Night’s Gunfight.

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