It’s only rock’n’roll, but I like it…

I bought my fourth electric guitar today. No, I don’t currently own four electric guitars; I have over the course of my life owned four electric guitars. The first three are gone. The first, I think, is with my brother-in-law, although I recommended he chop it up and burn it — not the highest quality instrument. The second, a vintage Gibson Les Paul Deluxe stood by me through Jason & the Argonauts, Bacchus, and The Dogs — and shared many a Nashville stage with me. That one was sold for cold, hard cash when the Angie and Alyssa were little (before Josh’s time). The third, a Fender Squire Tele I never really bonded with. I sold it, but can’t even remember when or to whom.

And today, the circle was once again unbroken as I counted out five crinkled twenties in exchange for an Epiphone Les Paul 100. Granted, the 100 doesn’t have the star power of its Deluxe predecessor, but I can already tell it has the same spirit and spunk….

It is hard to explain the significance of this ostensibly minor purchase, but as I pounded out the opening riff to “Johnny B. Goode,” I could feel stars and planets aligning and harmony returning to the universe….

Time to rock. 🙂

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